Monday, May 31, 2010


So, here I am. Monday night and tomorrow is my last full day of school.
And for some reason, I crave school work right now. Math homework or an english paper or SOMETHING. Don't ask why. I haven't the slightest clue.
Then Wednesday I'm going to take ONE exam, the first of the day, and then chill in town probably. Go to that bench I pretend no one else knows about and journal or listen to music. Something profound and deep and hopefully helpful to my terribly lost soul. Lost and tired. And not close to my skin. I feel like I'm too small for my body and I'm not sure that makes sense.
Thursday I go to school for the last exam of the day and that's it. I'll pretend I'm going to do something productive like go on a run or do some laundry, but I'll really end up sleeping until noon, eating lunch, and then skedaddling to school.
After that... I want to say I'm excited for the free summer weeks at home, but I just want to go to camp. Although I don't go to church in the summer, I feel so close to God. It's hard not to when you see His beautiful work everywhere. I want to hang out with other work friends and get London Fogs at Bud's while my sister and I journal.
I want the simplicity of camp, where I work, journal, drink coffee, and listen to the magic made in the music buildings.

I need this summer.

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