Friday, May 21, 2010

Fill-In-The-Blank Friday

The Five Songs You Would Have With You on a Desert Island and Why
1. Into the Ocean- Blue October: This is a terribly hard song for me to listen to, but I had my first kiss with this song playing. That might seem silly or that might make sense, but it's definitely significant to me.
2. Blackbird- The Beatles: When I was little, my dad played this on guitar every night before I fell asleep. It's the sounds of my childhood.
3. Be My Escape- Relient K: I just love it.
4. Siyahamba- (I don't know): It's a song of my life. It was there in my childhood and it's here now.
5. Soul Sister- Train(?): It's the saddest song in the world to me, but I love it anyway.

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