Monday, August 2, 2010

Tissue Paper

Have you ever seen your favourite camper dress as a girl and kick ass lipsynching I Need a Hero? Have you ever played on a Twister board made of chalk? Have you ever been disappointed when you hear girls are not, in fact, naked where you heard they would be? Have you ever wondered how you could have two lives so easily until it's time to leave one?
I have.
I'll miss so many people.

I hate wondering if I'll see everyone again. I hate making camp friends, because eventually you have to say goodbye and they could be as far as Tokyo.
Camp has so become my life. I have roughly 200 younger brothers and 30 older brothers this year. But that's just a guess.
I want to start hugging people now and not let go until Saturday. I want to keep them with me.

If I could wrap you weathered & cold in tissue paper like pressing flowers between bricks
I'd keep you.
My heart goes out to you.
- Elsa Taylor

I miss them already.

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