Sunday, August 8, 2010


We came home yesterday. It was a day for tears.
I hugged Malcolm, Kenny, Kate, Carrie, Jo, and Zak goodbye. I would have hugged Matt, but he disappeared. :(
I got to the cabin, passing all of the cars with trunks open waiting to be filled with summer memories. I walked inside surrounded by boxes. I didn't know silence could be that suffocating.
Slowly, things emptied out and I laid down on the bare mattress.
I climbed in the backseat with Caitlin and we said goodbye to the place we escape to. Slowly, the 'Art Lives Here' signs disappeared. And we were just surrounded by sadness. At least I was.
It wasn't long before I started crying.
I kept seeing the look on Malcolm's face when we said goodbye. We'd had about 6 hugs and I must have looked really sad. Because when we said our last goodbyes, he looked at me. Then his eyebrows kind of furrowed and he let out a bit of a whimper, "Oh... You-"
"I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Just... Give me one more hug," I said, trying not to cry and hugged him tight.

That look kept me awake.
I don't want to be here.

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  1. i miss him more than anything too :/ :/ i really do. i keep thinking of funny stories to tell and he is in all of them. :( it breaks my heart.

    in other news... drew is kissing my toes.