Saturday, August 14, 2010

Life as of 8.14.10

I had to play lead snare in band yesterday, because Liz was gone. I shouldn't be lead next year, I can't play. I can't lead. I can't do freaking rimshots.
My friends are all busy, meaning that my sister and her BFF are on senior trip and my one other friend who it's not weird to hang out with is busy with tennis and her boyfriend and other activities.
Turns out that over summer, I lost my ability to squeeze into the jean size above the one I usually wear. How do I skip a whole size? I blame the cookies.
Since jean shopping clearly didn't work, I went for a little retail therapy of the shoe variety. Then I got some books and-surprise, surprise- ate until my breaking point. Literally until the point I felt sick.
Then I watched DH and ANTM and wondered to myself why all the shows I watch have acronyms.

Also, I haven't seen my sister in 8 days and I miss her. :(

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  1. :( i miss you so much Kals. I'll be home tomorrow though. (: i love you. I can't wait to see you.