Monday, August 23, 2010


So, today I was driving, right? Yes, right, this is not a negotiation. Anyway, I was returning movies to the Redbox movies. By the way, was anyone else surprised in Dear John when she not only marries someone while he's gone, but marries Tim and not the douchey jerk dude John punches first who's in love with her? I WAS TOO! But I digress.
I was driving back home, just jammin' to some sweet tunes(:P) and I thought I heard something slightly alarming. I turned down the music: sirens. I heard sirens.
So, I look in my rearview and this ambulance is charging at me! So, I mean, of course I pulled over. But I about pooped!

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  1. Kallen you're hilarious lol

    also... here's my address!!!

    elyse terry
    Hesston College
    PO box 3000
    Hesston, KS 67062