Saturday, August 14, 2010

Here I am

Tonight, the plan for me was:
1. Ice cream with Hannah
2. Girls' alumni soccer game
3. Boys' alumni soccer game
4. Home.

What happened:
My family decided to go see Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World and it was really good. But I had to cancel with Hannah and I only saw the second half of the girls' game. Then I went to Hannah's house with her and Halle for margarita pizza and salad.
I never got to the boys' game. I thought about going and I would have rather shot myself in the foot. So, I said toodaloo to Hannah and Halle and got in the truck. I'd planned on going home, but I changed my mind, so I tried to find a place to park near the college to walk. But I wasn't sure if I was allowed because all the parking lot signs had these permit numbers on them.
I found a spot. And then I got back in the truck. I was on College Avenue, then I turned and drove straight for about maybe 20 minutes. I just drove until there were tunnels of trees and new street signs, windows open, oldies music playing.
Then I pulled into a driveway, turned around, and drove right back.
I sat for a while, then went to McDonalds to check Redbox movies. After that, I got a Slurpee, a huge one. After a few large gulps, I stared down at it.
Eating my feelings. Gulping them, in this case. I'm a girl who does that, turns her feelings to food. Then I wondered, what feelings am I gulping? What feelings deserve a Slurpee?! Clearly I have no clue. So I threw it away still full.
I went to the soccer field and ran a lap, which means I sprinted half, walked part, and then jogged to the truck.
Then I drove around and went home crying. I still don't know why. Long shower and two chick flicks. Here I am.

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