Saturday, July 31, 2010

Three Times

Someone I work with thinks he's the only one who really works. He's full of crap. He also thinks Rush is the greatest band ever. Which is fine, more power to him. But he also thinks everything else sucks. Literally every song. I worked with him in the dish room today and literally everything that came on the radio he would find a flaw.
"Songs nowadays are only about sexuality and love."
WHO CARES! People LIKE songs about sexuality and love! They can relate!
He drove me so crazy, I honestly asked him to repeat what he had said so I could walk out of the room while he was talking. Three times. And I feel no shame.

1 comment:

  1. every song is about sexuality and love. and if it doesnt appear to be, its about the lack of sexuality or love. they are core factors in what make us human. they are necessary for our survival and take up most ofx or our lives. what drives us to be or do anything? i mean, really. to deny love and sexuality is to deny everything that makes us human. we are sexual beings, whether we are having sex or not. sexuality isnt just sex, its a part of nature and life. so basically he is denying pieces of humanity. only smart people are allowed to be as uppity as that. and its been made clear that he knows nothing about life or reason. love ya kalbell.