Thursday, July 1, 2010

Little Update

I don't have much computer time.
Basically, a long overdue phone call has yet to be received. O.o And frankly, it's driving me a bit insane.
I spend time working with my BFFs and "boyfriend", going to Borders for pricey coffee beverages that are oh-so-delicious, and watching movies. It's great, except I'm out of good books, but that's okay because I get paid tomorrow and I've racked up some pretty decent cash. So I'm rolling in the Benjamins. Yes, I realize that sounds gross, but it's so true. I'll be doing the money dance pretty soon. Oooooh yeeeeah.
Chilling with Cailtin, Elyse, Dylan, Drew, and James. Chatting with Kate, Carrie, Zak the Homie, Caleb, and Byron.
Good times keep rolling.

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