Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wild Goose Chase

On wednesday last week, I had guitar lessons. And behind that building, there was a park and a lake with benches and docks that extend a little over the water. Caitlin and I was there for a while and although it was cold, I was determined to spend time there. Even if there was duck and goose poop everywhere, we were careful.
When we went to look around, there were geese everywhere. And because Caitlin and I think they're beautiful, we took some pictures. Now, you need to know that she has not been around geese before. So I'd tell her not to get too close and guess what! She got to close. So it hissed at her, which she didn't notice.
"Caitlin! It's hissing!" I said. "You're too close."
"Okay, okay." She stepped away.
"I should have hissed back," she muttered. "It probably would have been intimidated.
"No, you're not getting into hissing matches with these geese."
She was silent.
Again, she stepped too close. Hiss.
"It's hissing Caitlin," I warned.
So, what did she do? Well, being Caitlin, she of course hissed back.
Was it intimidated? I wish. You know what happened?

This is what happened. It chased us. So we ran and as we ran, other geese hissed when we got too close. Did Caitlin hiss at them? I assure you that if she did, I would have tripped her and saved myself.

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