Saturday, September 25, 2010


I was fine. Until something someone said reminded me of a thirteen-year-old boy in Chicago who I love and miss.

I would like to say I made it at least until the car... But that would be a lie. I didn't even make it through fourth quarter. I didn't stop when I was marching home or when I tripped on the curb and crashed to the ground, snare drum clattering away. I didn't stop when I changed. And it only got worse in the car.

I have never had to pull over or cry like I did. All because of the boy in Chicago.

But he's not allowed to know...


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  1. aw girl. i miss him too. it's amazing how small things like that change your life forever. i miss him too. he's amazing and wonderful and perfect. :( but i promise you... i love you (: