Sunday, June 13, 2010

Growing Up

Today, my sister needed to go to the store for lemon cake mix and sweetened condensed milk. So, being the girl I am, I jumped in the car, not even sure where we were going.

On our way home, we blasted the song Angel by Flipsyde in the car and sang. And riding like that, just chilling, I realized it's the best moments with Elyse. The best moments where the two of us are doing nothing significant, nothing of substance, but it means so much. That's what I'll miss the most when she leaves.

I'll be the only kid in our 'First Day Back to School' picture this year... It's terrifying. I wish I could turn back time, make moments last longer, soak them in and capture them in a bottle.

But I guess sometime everyone just has to grow up. And it breaks my heart.

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